The Grand Slam of Fishing

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The Skeena River in Terrace, BC is world renowned as one of the last untouched watersheds for its abundant wild salmon and steelhead.  This river has all five species of pacific salmon and steelhead which migrate past the magnificent Yellow Cedar Lodge which lies on the banks of this fish highway.  The lodge is perfectly situated 10 km west of the Terrace in private and secluded setting amongst the forest of towering Cedars.  For the fisherman there is no better place to begin your angling adventure.  The affordable B&B style lodge will start you off each day with a savory breakfast and hot cup of coffee. As you gaze out the large glass windows of the dining room towards the Skeena River your mind will be dreaming of the fish tales that await that day as you venture off in search of one of the many salmon that will be fooled by angling prowess.

The Skeena River in the summer time is blessed with all five salmon species and steelhead migrating up the river at the beginning or end of their run timing and this creates an overlap so the angler is never quite sure what is on the end of their line until they bring the fish to shore.  During certain times of the summer it is possible to catch all five species of salmon and steelhead in one trip if you are lucky and know how to target each species.  Locally we call this the “Grand Slam” of fishing and is one of the most unique angling accomplishments anywhere.

The river migration typically starts with the chinook or appropriately named “spring” salmon which begin migrating in May and June.  These are the largest of all the salmon and their fight and meat are highly sought after.  The sockeye salmon which are the most numerous follow in late June and continue all summer and pound for pound are one of the scrappiest fish out there as they come to the surface immediately after being caught. Many anglers prefer the deep red flaky flesh of the sockeye as their ultimate table fare.  The pinks or humpies follow the sockeye in July in large numbers as well.  These salmon do not get the respect of their fellow salmon but still provide great angling opportunities especially for the beginner fisherman.  The chum or dog salmon with their tiger striped bodies come next and quickly followed by the most cherished and sought after fish by fly fisherman the steelhead or sea going Rainbow Trout.  Anglers from around the world come to this region in hopes of catching one of these magnificent and beautiful fish with a swung fly or the pinnacle of fly fishing, fooling one into rising to the surface to take a fly on the surface.  The acrobatic coho salmon are the last to arrive but one of the most enjoyable to target.

After spending a day on the Skeena River catching salmon and steelhead every angler deserves some rest and relaxation to recharge their bodies for the next day’s adventure.  The Yellow Cedar Lodge has all the amenities assist with this.  Whether it’s their dry room to hang your wet waders and jackets, the soothing hot tub overlooking the river, or the delicious meals cooked by their red seal chef the lodge, will have you ready go and well on your way to achieving that “Grand Slam”.

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